Sorriso Anti-ageing Serum



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This is our very latest super anti ageing cream which just been released!
we have been refining the formula for this cream for nearly 3 years now and are now
convinced that this product is better than anything else I have come across.
Please enjoy this cream and if you can give us any feedback that would be very grateful.
Little piece of advice,
when you apply the cream you will of course notice that the orange colour
will remain on your skin for a minute of two before being absorbed and disappearing
this orange colour is the naturall colour of the main constituent which
is superb anti oxygen pycngenol which is derived from the bark of the marine pine tree
found on the coastal region of the south of France and astakisantin.
All ingredients dose are above those of efficient ones proves on medical papers.
So it is BOMF (based on med facts) products.
You will find this makes you look younger and your skin healthier
at least "2days~2weeks time",
as long as you put on our cream (pearl size) after lotion (and or serum
if you want to) in the morning and night time just before go to bed.
Even those flagrance consist of natural essential oils, and each oil has antiaging effects!!
if you require anymore please let me know and I will be happy to sort you out.

Genom Lab Ltd

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